If theatre is spectacle, then the theatre of Scotland has us spellbound.

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Fraser Martin

Places to find ghosts in Scotland

The Real Mary King’s CloseVisit Edinburgh’s only preserved 17th-century street and here the real stories of the people who lived and died here.Real Mary Kings CloseHaunted Scottish Highlands: Eilean DonanEilean Donan lies in one of the most scenic spots in Scotland. Built on an island, where Loch...

Fraser Martin

8 fairytale castles in Scotland you must see

We have likely all seen the wonderful  2012 Disney Pixar film Brave and delighted at Princess Merida of DunBroch's antics as her mother, Queen Elinor, attempts to prepare her for her impending betrothal by completing her "princess education and training". The Disney Pixar team are reported...

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