The Real Mary King’s Close
Visit Edinburgh’s only preserved 17th-century street and here the real stories of the people who lived and died here.
Haunted Scottish Highlands: Eilean Donan
Eilean Donan lies in one of the most scenic spots in Scotland. Built on an island, where Loch Duich, Long Long and Loch Alsh meet, it was once the site of an Iron Age vitrified fort, built by the Picts. It takes its name from a Gaelic Priest, Saint Donnán of Eigg who lived around
The dark story of Britain’s ‘haunted battlefield’ where dead soldiers wage war to this day
Terrified locals live in fear of Culloden Moor’s “anniversary ghosts”, spectral soldiers who appear from thin air to fight each other every year on April 16,
Female Phantoms of Stirling Castle: Ghostly Encounters with a Handmaiden and Her Queen
Approaching Stirling Castle in the day time is rather daunting. Filled with the scent of ancient dust, damp stone, and dew-covered grass, the palace exudes magic from the moment one steps inside its grounds. Now, imagine that same feeling, those same scents, in the dark of the night.