Do you have a point of contact?

Yes, contact me by email at

Where can I listen to your music?

You can listen to my music on your favourite streaming platform. Click here to see my music profiles.

Can I use your music in my project?

Yes – as long as your project is non-commercial, i.e. you’re not making any money from it. That means, among other things, no Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram advertising. Remember too, if you buy music from BandCamp, Amazon, etc. then it is for personal listening only.

You can freely use my music in Youtube videos, however, they will get claimed and monetized (this will not affect your channel in any way). You can remove the claims by buying a license from me. For all commercial projects you can purchase a license from me directly.

Previous projects?

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew them well! ... But their days are done and to the boneyard these projects are now gone. They can be found on this page here.

Where can I find the Bagpipe Music Book?

It has moved onto this website for easier management and can be found on this page here.

What happened to the Bagpipe Music Book account on SoundCloud?

The content has been merged with my primary SoundCloud account for convenience and cost savings. 

Do you have a privacy statement?

You can read this website's privacy policy here but, seriously, reading the blog posts and listening to the music are way more fun.

Do you acknowledge third-party creative works?

Yes. Thank you to all the people who share their creative works. They are acknowledged and listed here.