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Wherever my work has included the work of others released under a Creative Commons Licence, I have given attribution, whether required or not, as close to the source of the new work as is reasonably possible, linking to the original asset author, in accordance with Creative Commons copyright licenses. Where such attribution has not been possible due to the nature of the media type, I have included attribution in an article on this website, or in the list of credits below. If you notice an asset being used in my work where attribution should be supplied but is not present, this is likely a mistake on my part. Please contact me and I’ll add the necessary attribution or remove the asset.

Other licensed works

Thank you to all the creative people who make their work available to others via libraries under various commercial licenses.

Credit roll

Additionally, I would like to give special thanks to the people listed below for their incredible, inspirational works:

Splashes of Colour

First Rains of Summer

Clockwork Girl

Married In The Morning

Angels In The Forest

Licuala Dreaming

Love and Glory

Drums of Independence

Roxy MacLean

Thunder Queen

Castles in the Sky


Good Robot


Into The Night

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