Bagpipers may find themselves at this site looking for my bagpipe music manuscripts. This is an evolving electronic archive of over 100 tunes for the Great Highland Bagpipe I've written over the years.

Project Progress


Well, sort of complete ...


What inspired you to write music?

In 1993 I found myself in Mackay, Queensland, Australia with an urge to return to pipe bands after a short hiatus from piping.

"Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling?"

Without any manuscripts or music books of my own (my father had an extensive library on the other side of the world) I turned to writing my own tunes for some fun and variety. And it turned out I was hooked.

Who taught you music?

Like most musicians, I am a musical magpie, picking up bits and pieces wherever I find them. But I have been very fortunate indeed to have had 3 very fine music teachers, covering a broad spectrum of musical styles and techniques. All 3 have left an indelible mark — each in their own unique way.

  1. My father, the late P/M R. H. (Bob) Martin of Boghall & Bathgate Pipe Band.
  2. My private tutor, the late P/M Johnny Barnes of Polkemmet Pipe Band.
  3. Stewart Cameron, opera singer and teacher.

The first two gave me an invaluable grounding in music and an insight into its interpretation and presentation. The third opened my eyes, and my ears, to the broader world of music.

What is the most recent edition of the book?

Edition #4, containing 105 tunes, was released on 8 May 2023. Subscribers to the book were emailed directly. 

Where can I find previous editions?

The book has been released in editions, not volumes. So each edition contains the tunes from previous editions plus new content.

Will there be more tunes added?

Yes, there will be at least one more edition. I've uncovered old manuscripts from when I first started writing bagpipe music and I will resurrect some of them, and of course, add some more new material.

Is this music licensed?

Yes. The written part of this work (The Bagpipe Music Book), unless stated otherwise in any part thereof, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

What software do you use to typeset your music?

I use ABC Notation, packaged into a Mac app called EasyABC. While there are many other fine solutions, I prefer this one for its flexibility and supportive community.

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A Small Request

I provide this music for free to give something back to the generous pipe band community in which I grew up. In return, all I ask is that you help me out by posting a message to your favourite social media platform or forum, encouraging people to visit this page and subscribe for their own free copy with updates. Copy this link to link to this page.

Thank you for your interest and patience, and keep on piping!

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Book Index

Tune Page
Amazing Grace 140º 1
One Night in Kyiv 3
Aboard The Vital Spark 4
Acrobat, The 5
Back To The Bus We Go! 6
Betwixt and Between 7
Biddy Blackmore 8
Bohemian Piper 9
Braes of Fallon, The 10
Coondoo Street 11
Crusts of Salt 12
Dancing Through Cairo 13
Down The Range 14
Fortune Teller, The 15
Groovin' Green Apron, The 16
Koah Kid, The 25
Mareeba Man 26
Northlanders 27
Pocketful of Dollars 28
Red Room Rumble 29
Red Thunder 30
Tourist, The 31
Twisted Rigging 32
Victoria Street 33
Walking The Surf 34
Aboard The Vital Spark 35
Amphitheatre Ascent 36
Apothecary, The 37
Bear and The Bee, The 38
Beriozka Boys, The 39
Buchasia Beach 40
Catching Mermaids 41
Coming to The Crunch 42
Derek The Peacock 43
Down The Souk Market 44
Fortune Teller, The 45
Kick The Peever 46
Little Jammy Fingers 47
Mr Drones 48
Rhona Duncan 49
Roxy MacLean's Jig 50
Runaway Wheel, The 51
Skelpit Heid 52
Sorcerer's Secret, The 53
Two Shots of Black 54
Velvet Stingrays 55
Barefoot Through Brisbane 56
Barefoot Through Brisbane (+ harmony) 57
Barron Falls, The 58
Basque People, The 59
Blair Stewart 60
Braes of Lochalsh, The 61
Castles in the Sky 63
Crossing The Manly Ferry 65
Doug Lawrie 66
Drums of Independence 67
Eimeo Creek 68
Finbar The Whistling Fish 69
Fourth March, The 71
Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle, The 72
Great Muster, The 73
Hills of Caravonica, The 74
Hugh Goldie's Farewell to Port Douglas 75
Kangaroo Point 76
Let's Hit The Frog And Toad 77
Lights of The Story Bridge 78
Starlight 79
Thunder Queen 82
Wee Callum Graham 83
Baila Conmigo 84
Bell Ringer, The 85
Big Flit, The 86
Biscuit Reel, The 87
Boy and The Goat, The 88
Cajun Wullie 89
Donald's Other Troosers 90
Eumundi Praise 91
Fannie Korminski 92
Fields of Fire 93
Kinlodden House 94
Leaving LaLa Land 95
McTaggart's Reel 96
One Shoe Reel, The 97
Quartermaster's Reel, The 98
Rowdy's Reel 99
Roxy MacLean 100
Skipping Path, The 101
Smugglers' Train, The 102
Spinners' Night Out, The 103
Swordies, The 104
Three Sided Slide, The 105
Treadmill, The 107
Up The Shoogly Stairs 108
Amazing Grace (3 part harmony) 109
Autumn Brown 110
Children of Kyiv 111
Echoes of a Distant Land 112
Highland Whisper 113
Jessie Martin's Air 115
Protector, The 116
Quiraing 117
Voice of an Angel 118
Wee Brig, The 119
Drovelone, The 120
Windy City 121

Changes to audio

From Edition #3 onwards audio recordings of the Bagpipe Music Book will be deprecated on SoundCloud. The undressed audio might be fine for clarity or learning a tune, but it doesn't represent the way I hear or feel about the music. And this has been largely responsible for my neglecting to complete the audio recordings for the latest editions. For me, the difference is like Black and White Television vs Colour Television. I know which one I prefer.

So from now on, I will be doing all-new recordings of bagpipe tunes in dressed arrangements – bagpipe music in the context I hear it – and the tracks will be made available via Spotify.

Old audio

The 40 or so bagpipe recordings on SoundCloud for Edition #2 will also be rearranged and recorded in dressed format – slowly but surely – and transferred over to Spotify.

In the meantime, for all the Black and White buffs out there, the original Edition #2 recordings can still be found on SoundCloud.