Bagpipers may find themselves at this site looking for my bagpipe music manuscripts. This is an evolving archive of over 100 tunes for the Great Highland Bagpipe I've written over the years. The electronic archive is partially complete at 75 tunes, with some 30 manuscripts still in the queue waiting to be typeset.



Edition #3

Edition #3 containing 75 tunes was released on 23 June 2022. Subscribers to the book were emailed directly.


Where can I find previous editions?

The book has been released in editions, not volumes. So each edition contains the tunes from previous editions plus new content.

Where can I download the book?

Tune List


Aboard The Vital Spark
Acrobat, The
Betwixt and Between
Biddy Blackmore
Bohemian Piper
Coondoo Street
Crusts of Salt
Fortune Teller, The
Mareeba Man
Pocketful of Dollars
Red Thunder
Tourist, The
Victoria Street
Walking The Surf


Aboard The Vital Spark
Bear and The Bee, The
Catching Mermaids
Coming to The Crunch
Derek The Peacock
Down The Souk Market
Fortune Teller, The
Kick The Peever
Little Jammy Fingers
Mr Drones
Rhona Duncan
Roxy MacLean's Jig
Runaway Wheel, The
Skelpit Heid
Sorcerer's Secret, The
Two Shots of Black
Velvet Stingrays


Barefoot Through Brisbane
Barefoot Through Brisbane (+ harmony)
Barron Falls, The
Basque People, The
Blair Stewart
Braes of Lochalsh, The
Castles in the Sky
Crossing The Manly Ferry
Doug Lawrie
Drums of Independence
Eimeo Creek
Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle, The
Great Muster, The
Hills of Caravonica, The
Hugh Goldie's Farewell to Port Douglas
Kangaroo Point
Lights of The Story Bridge
Wee Callum Graham


Baila Conmigo
Biscuit Reel, The
Boy and The Goat, The
Cajun Wullie
Donald's Other Troosers
Fannie Korminski
Fields of Fire
Kinlodden House
McTaggart's Reel
One Shoe Reel, The
Quartermaster's Reel, The
Roxy MacLean
Skipping Path, The
Spinners' Night Out, The
Swordies, The
Three Sided Slide, The
Treadmill, The
Up The Shoogly Stairs

Slow Airs

Amazing Grace (3 part harmony)
Autumn Brown
Highland Whisper (+ harmony)
Jessie Martin's Air
Wee Brig, The


Amazing Grace 140º
Groovin' Green Apron, The


Windy City

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Moving forward

Having to sit down and typeset large amounts of tunes or record bare-naked bagpipe music makes me feel like how Bernard Black feels about doing his VAT returns. Poor Bernard.

And being a visual person, I am so easily distracted by bright lights and anything that moves or glistens. Faced with even the mildest of tedious tasks, I am apt to reach for that pile of socks. Move over Bernard.

So to keep this project moving I am going to implement a couple of small changes:

Changes to downloads

The platform ( I previously used to deliver the Bagpipe Music Book downloads is scheduled to shut down permanently on 30th June 2022. So from Edition #3 onwards, downloads and subscriptions to the book updates will be managed directly from this website, in a manner similar to a newsletter subscription. The tunes will, as promised, continue to be delivered for free for current and future subscribers.

Instead of the large chunks of tunes - 25 at a time - the tunes will be delivered in more manageable chunks, perhaps just 5 at a time, and made available no more than once per month. This will allow 3 clear benefits:

  1. Easier for subscribers to absorb the new material, and less likely to miss that particular type of tune they were looking for that lay buried on page X for years. I know, I've been there – many times.
  2. Easier for me to pace the typesetting. I use EasyABC to typeset my tunes and it does a fine job but to be truthful, typesetting is not the most exciting pastime in the world.
  3. Allows some space for me to create more contextual recordings to accompany the tunes.

Changes to audio

From Edition #3 onwards audio recordings of the Bagpipe Music Book will be deprecated on SoundCloud. The undressed audio might be fine for clarity or learning a tune, but it doesn't represent the way I hear or feel about the music. And this has been largely responsible for my neglecting to complete the audio recordings for the latest edition. For me, the difference is like Black and White Television vs Colour Television. I know which one I prefer, and so does Bernard Black.

New audio

So from now on, I will be doing all-new recordings of bagpipe tunes in dressed arrangements – bagpipe music in the context I hear it – and the tracks will be made available via Spotify.

Old audio

The 40 or so bagpipe recordings on SoundCloud for Edition #2 will also be rearranged and recorded in dressed format – slowly but surely – and transferred over to Spotify.

In the meantime, for all the Black and White buffs out there, the original Edition #2 recordings can still be found on SoundCloud. But be warned: they were recorded in black and white. Listener discretion is advised. You too may need to grab some socks.

Giving back...

I provide this music for free as a means of giving something back to the bagpiping community that I grew up in. So please feel free to help me out by posting a social media message to your favourite platform, encouraging people to visit this page and subscribe for their own free copy with updates.

Thank you for your interest and patience, and keep on piping!

The written part of this work (The Bagpipe Music Book), unless stated otherwise in any part thereof, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 [International License](
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