He was an heir to one of Scotland’s noble titles but is said to have been locked away in a secret chamber in the family castle, his existence denied after being born seriously deformed. Thomas Lyon-Bowes, quite cruelly, became known as the Monster of Glamis with the tragic birth of this heir feeding the imagination of Victorian story tellers, local gossips and likely even giddy aristocrats keen to entertain their guests after dinner.

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One of the most haunted castles in Scotland, Glamis Castle was the gossip of Europe during the late 19th century. Tales of secret passages, incarcerated prisoners, and ghouls seen on the ramparts late at night. Only three people were ever allowed to know the hidden secret at one time: The Earl, the Earl’s heir, and the estate manager. Stories spread about what Earls’ secret could be. According to legend, the heir of the 13th Earl of Strathmore refused to participate in an initiation rite that would have informed him of the truth of the castle’s ghoulish history. Many people suspect that the mystery died with the 14th Earl. Visitors cannot deny the chilling atmosphere felt throughout the rooms, corridors, and ramparts of the Castle, especially in the wee hours after midnight.

A quick tour of Glamis Castle and you'll see it's certainly worth a vist.

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