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4 months ago

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Music inspired by the grandeur of Quiraing Mountain Pass in Skye, Scotland. A spectacular place. You immediately wonder what historic tales would have unfolded amongst these mountain peaks. Big drums, haunting flute, and the voices of the clans.


KWI - RANG KWI as in QUIT without the T

RANG as in telephone

Emphasis on RANG

The Quiraing Walk on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

The Quiraing walk is a loop, returning you to the same point (the carpark). It covers a distance of 6.8km, with the average time to complete the walk being 2 hours (with no stops). We have classed this walk as 'Medium' in length and 'Hard' for difficulty, check the rating guide for details.


To purchase or stream Quiraing go to https://ampl.ink/7wrkO

Fraser Martin

Published 4 months ago