Inspired by the race to Mars by SpaceX and others, I wondered immediately about the likelihood or not of humans actually reaching other planets, or more ambitiously stars. It seems to me with the other race that is on at the moment, the one to achieve Artificial Intelligence, there might be a cloud looming over the possibility that it will actually be humans who make the trip. Perhaps it will be robots.

And that led to the questions: Will they do it for us, or for themselves? And if they turn out to do it for us, will they bother to come back for us? Will they be "Good Robots"?

And then after writing this bit of thematic space music, and listening to it, I couldn't help imagining something completely different. The main melody just makes me think of a 1970's (bad) cop show. And once that thought is inside your head, you just can't get rid of it ...

Best TV Cop Shows From the 1970s
The 1970s could be defined as the decade of cop shows. From the beat cop to the private eye, law and order dominated our television screens in the seventies.