Take a look inside my studio toolbox.

All the tools listed here are tools I use almost every day – some more useful than others, some indispensable. Enjoy and share.


The website you are on now – frasermartin.com – is powered by the Ghost blogging platform and is hosted on their Ghost(Pro) service. After many years of self hosting various websites, including running my own servers, I love having someone else dealing with all the headaches. And I am in love with the simplicity of Ghost. Not for everyone, but for me, it was a match made in heaven.


My go to website app is WordPress. Self-hosted, managed hosting, simple blog or full blown Content Management System, eCommerce platform or membership site, WordPress does it all. And it just gets better and better.

Bagpipe Music

I write all my bagpipe music using the open-source ABC Notation. This is a simple method of writing music using a plain text editor. Despite it's inherent simplicity, ABC Format is capable of rendering very complex scores in beautifully smooth Postscript. At its most basic, it is the delight of thousands of folk musicians around the world, giving them an easy file format that can be used to easily swap and share folk tunes.

There are several very good bagpipe notation programs. But I haven't found anything yet that beats the simplicity and flexibility of ABC Notation.

You can read all about ABC Notation on Wikipedia. And visit Chris Walshaw's site for a great kickstart, full of wonderful ABC resources.

I use Nils Liberg's EasyABC application, which is available for Mac and Windows.