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Affiliate Disclosure

I write reviews and comparisons of products which I may use myself, recommend to my clients or consider to be worthy of investigation. I may from time to time include an affiliate link for such products as part of that review. By clicking on an affiliate link, you will be sent to the vendor's website via a special URL that tells the vendor that it was me who sent you there. If you subsequently purchase the product from the vendor the vendor may pay me a small referral fee. This does not in any way affect the price you pay for the product. And, of course, you can access the vendor's product page directly if you so choose.

This is normal business practice in almost every avenue of commerce – including music. It's like throwing a dollar in the guitar case for a tune well played. It also ensures that good products get even better by increasing their patronage. And if I'm very lucky, at the end of the month I may have a couple of extra dollars lying in the bottom of my guitar case to put towards the cost of hosting and maintaining this website – or I could buy me some shiny new strings.


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Updated: 4th July 2015