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What's the 411?

I'm a Scottish musician,  composer, and independent music producer living in Australia. I have a penchant for the epic and a deep love of celtic music. My favourite tools are a blank canvas and a clutch of disparate resources. I'm a bit of an old-fashioned music dude who relies heavily on the 3 stalwarts of music: rhythm, melody, and harmony. I love a good tune, and have great difficulty in separating melody from harmony, they seem such perfect bed partners, inexplicably intertwined in some cosmic, tantric tussle. And having been around during the Great Disco Era, I have had rhythm burned into my musical DNA.

Why walk when you can boogie?

Where can I find your music?

You'll find my music on the following major distribution platforms, and maybe some others I don't know about.

Can I use your music in my project?

Yes — as long as your project is non-commercial, i.e. you’re not making any money from it. That means, among other things, no Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram advertising. Remember too, if you buy music from BandCamp, Amazon, etc. then it is for personal listening only.

You can freely use my music in Youtube videos, however, they will get claimed and monetized by Identifyy.com (this will not affect your channel in any way). You can remove the claims by buying a license from me. For all commercial projects you can buy a license from me directly.

What are you currently working on?

Why don't you come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab ...

Highland Thunder

The drums will beat and the pipes will play when a thousand dead clansmen rise again and march to sound of Highland Thunder.

Aliens and Porridge

The quiet Scottish fishing village of Loch Muckle, famed locally for its successful line of porridge champions, has more secrets to reveal than just its prized porridge recipe.

Black Rhona

By day she is a princess, mindful of her duty. By night she is a warrior, mindful of her honour.

Tartan Works

They said the factory would close. They said the jobs had to go. But they forgot to factor in one small colourful detail. Tartan.

Thunder Queen

It is said that to look directly into the eyes of the Thunder Queen is to have your soul torn from within your breast. For this reason, her brave armies march before her, never looking back. They cannot retreat. They cannot stop.

What is the Bagpipe Music Book?

Bagpipers may find themselves at this site looking for my bagpipe music manuscripts. This is an evolving archive of  music for the Great Highland Bagpipe I've written over the years. It is only partially complete, with some 60+ tunes still in the queue, waiting to be typeset and recorded. It is available as a free E-Book download, with future updates being free also.

Previous Projects?

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew them well!

We all have them. And I keep mine in the boneyard.


An opportunity to thank all the creative and amazing people out there who make my work less boring.

How do I contact you?

While my personal comms satellite is in for repair at Stark Industries your best bet is by email.